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Published: 21st April 2011
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The Sun StorageTek T10000 tape drive raises the bar on data's defence, effectiveness, and risk mitigation with mechanical advancements in capability, throughput, reliability and media reusability. Not only is it very fast with 500 GB capability and 120 MB/sec throughput, the T10000 propel boasts outstanding general worth for enterprise IT agencies, because it consigns large capability and decreases complexity to advance the use of information. Supports top-line enterprise development by affordably and reliably saving larger allowances data.

Breakthrough presentation of 120 MB/second shortens backup windows and keeps time and cash by managing more work with less drives Helps to double-check enterprise continuity with high reliability characteristics, for example the SafeGuide scheme, that mitigate risk in data center Enhances security with crypto-ready expertise now accessible on the T10000 tape drive Sun T10000 1/2 Inch 003-0519-01 500GB/1TB Data Tape Cartridge . No need to worry about data security with the Sun StorageTek T10000 Data Cartridge. Its unique SafeGuide system is designed with a unique hub lock that stabilizes media within the cartridge shell, extends tape durability, and enhances your data protection. Additionally, Sun offers a T10000 VolSafe secure media technology cartridge and a 120 GB capacity Sport cartridge(digitaldevicesonline).

Save valuable floor space As your storage needs grow, it's good to be using a space-saving solution. You can store up to one terabyte of compressed data or 500 GB of uncompressed data per standard cartridge. A 120 GB Sport cartridge is also available to save money on smaller jobs.Reduce costs High capacity and a superior design work together to help you minimize tape mounts and improve your automation efficiency. This low-cost-per-gigabyte, high-end, half-inch storage medium is the best solution for bringing more cost efficiency to your Sun StorageTek T10000 tape drives.Extend media durabilityA well-designed data cartridge can lengthen the life of the tape and provide better data protection. The Sun StorageTek T10000 data cartridge's unique hub-lock design and SafeGuide system do both.Protect your storage investmentsOver time, as you adopt Sun's next-generation StorageTek tape drives, you can reformat and reuse your T10000 cartridges to take advantage of their capacity and design benefits.Boost confidence in business critical applicationsWhen it comes to data backup and restore, archiving, and disaster recovery operations, you want everything to run smooth. You don't need to hear bad news about your tape media. This advanced, long-life, high-capacity, performance-tested tape cartridge is a big step in the right direction. For high security applications, you can use the VolSafe secure media technology cartridge.


Sun 003-3827-01 T10000 Cleaning Tape Cartridge (digitaldevicesonline)

Sun 003-3827-01 T10000 Cleaning Tape Cartridge (digitaldevicesonline)

Sun 003-3881-01 T10000 Pre-Labelled Cleaning Tape Cartridge (digitaldevicesonline)

Sun 003-0519-01 T10000 917m 500/1000GB (digitaldevicesonline)

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